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[VBScript] Max Uptime

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    [VBScript] Max Uptime

    This is a little script written to log the longest time that HS has been running.

    I was curious as to just how long I have had HS running at a given stretch. There is always some discussion as to HS build stability so I wrote this.

    Discussion for Version 1 can be found here

    At Rick's request I rewrote the script to track the difference between a user intitiated shutdown and when HS shuts down for some other reason. Version 2 requires a line added to both the startup.txt and shutdown.txt as well as an INI file. For this reason, I will leave Version 1 up here as well, should Version 2 be more than someone needs/wants.

    Discussion for Version 2 can be found here

    Bug fix for version 2 posted
    version 1 converted to .NET

    Change History:
    19 Dec 06 v2

    31 Dec 06 v2.1
    -Fix bug that overwrites Max W/ & W/o fault in INI file
    -Clean up some coding

    21 Aug 07 v2.2
    -Reworked code to calculate which strings are greater

    31 Aug 07 v2.3
    -Fixed a bug created in previous version
    -Moved logging so only user selected items show up instead of all
    -Clean up some coding and made comments for the entire file
    -Moved settings to before sub main()
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    I made a few changes and cleaned upthe code some.


      What kind of changes? Should we be updating?

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        Fixed a bug created in previous version
        Moved logging so only selected items show up instead of all
        Clean up some coding and made comments for the entire file
        Moved setting to before sub main()