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[VBScript] bjd_random_quote Script

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    [VBScript] bjd_random_quote Script

    <HR style="COLOR: #d1d1e1" SIZE=1><!-- / icon and title --><!-- message -->
    This script is used to count text lines in a input file and then randomly speak one of the lines of text.

    • Unzip into your Homeseer 2 directory.
    • Setup an event in Homeseer that executes the script: bjd_random_quote.vb("Main","deep_thoughts.txt")
    • Execute the event and listen to a random Deep Thought... by Jack Handey.
    • Setup an event in Homeseer that executes the script: bjd_random_quote.vb("Main","random_quotes.txt")
    • Execute the event and listen to a random quote.
    • Create your own quote text files for random speech.
    An example event is included in the event_example.jpg file.

    Files included in the are:
    • \Homeseer 2\Scripts\bjd_random_quotes.vb
    • \Homeseer 2\Scripts\bjd_random_quotes\deep_thoughts.txt
    • \Homeseer 2\Scripts\bjd_random_quotes\random_quotes.txt
    • \Homeseer 2\Scripts\bjd_random_quotes\scene_goodnight.txt
    Let me know if anyone thinks this script is useful and I'll place it in the scripts library.
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    Billy Draper

    I just gave this script a try and received the following error in the log:

    Script compile error: Argument not specified for parameter 'st' of 'Public Sub SetDeviceString(dev As String, st As String, [reset As Boolean = False])'.on line 107

    I've setup the event per the instructions. I'm running HS version

    Any thoughts?

    Thanks in advance!



      Oops, nevermind. I goofed up and posted before I should have.



        Brian did you get it working? I use it all the time for random speak...

        Let me know if you think it is useful and I will place it in the script library.

        I also have one that randomly plays wave files, kinda neat, got the whole StarTrek beep thing going on over here...
        Billy Draper


          Thanks for checking - I did get it working. I forgot I had made a change to it and that's what wasn't working. I did a little more work, and it works perfectly.

          It's funny how timing goes. I decided I wanted to pull a daily quote or random thought into my main ML scene, but didn't know where to start. Lo and behold, you had posted a script that did that very thing just a little before I started digging into this. The change I had made was to output a random thought to a device string, which I can then pull into a scene.

          It is working spot on now.

          Thanks again for checking!



            No problem, glad I could give a little help back now and then.

            Work has been so hectic lately, and I have an 8 year old that has played on 4 different ball teams this year. I helped coach 2 of them, I must be a glutton for punishment . It's been a lot of fun but now he is on a travel team and it is wearing the wife and I out. I also started back to school to attempt my 4 year degree after being in IT for 17+ years... I've been away from the HA board for to long, glad I checked in...

            I'll post the script to the script library where it should be. I'll also post the random wave file player, it's kinda cool.

            Thanks again.
            Billy Draper