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[VB.NET Script] bjd_chimes Script

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    [VB.NET Script] bjd_chimes Script

    This script is used to produce the grandfather clock illusion when using the Westminster chimes. This script can also be used as a cuckoo clock.

    Download the attached file and unzip into your Homeseer directory. It should contain everything but the wav files. The wav files are can be downloaded at this link. (Thanks to Rupp)

    1. Download “” and unzip into \Homeseer 2\ directory.
    2. Verify file speaker-on.gif is in \Homeseer 2\html\Images\misc directory.
    3. Verify file speaker-off.gif is in \Homeseer 2\html\Images\misc directory.
    4. Verify file "bjd_chimes.vb" is in \Homeseer 2\scripts directory.
    5. Download the wav files from and unzip into \Homeseer 2\ directory. The zip file is 26meg and will create 34 wav files in the \Homeseer 2\wave\chimes\ directory.
    6. Review house and device codes below in the "Constant declarations" section and make sure that the values are free to use or change to unused values.
    7. Review the v_speaker variable in the "Constant declarations" section and make any needed changes. Leave the variable null to play on all speaker clients. If you want to play on multiple clients but not all of them use the following format: "Kitchenefault,Bedroom1:*,Bedroom2efault" or for one only "Kitchenefault".
    8. Setup a one time event in Homeseer to run the script bjd_chimes.vb("create_devices","0")
      Note: create_devices will delete devices if they already exist.
    9. Setup a recurring Run Script event in Homeseer:
      Name tab: Check cannot retrigger for 61 seconds.
      Trigger tab: Current Trigger Type = Recurring, trigger every 15 minutes and 0 seconds, check reference to the hour, "Only trigger on the hour" checkbox is not checked. Setup any specific runtime conditions, time parameters etc. See important considerations below.
      Action tab: Run script: bjd_chimes.vb
    10. All user selectable items show up as devices.

    Description of Devices:
    1. BJD_Chimes_State: Enable, disable or test the script. If set to test and the script is executed through an event, then one of the 12 hour waves will play. Helpful in setting the volume.
    2. BJD_Chimes_Status: Indicates the status, playing or stopped.
    3. BJD_Chimes_Logging: Disable or enable logging.
    4. BJD_Chimes_Hourly_Chime: Set the hourly chime.
    5. BJD_Chimes_Quarter_Chime: Set the quarter hour chime.
    6. BJD_Chimes_Volume: Set the volume.
    Important considerations:
    Unless it want it to run all night, put time conditions on when it can run, but don't use one of the hours you want it to chime as a before or after time or you won't get that one. Use x:59 for the after condition (i.e. "after 7:59 AM" would first chime at 8:00 AM) and x:01 for the before condition ("before 11:01 PM would make the last chime at 11:00 PM).
    Keep in mind that if anything keeps the script from triggering at x:00, x:15, x:30 or x:45, the script will run but will be silent. The second of the minute does not matter. The script should take care of the rest.

    Discussion can be found here.

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