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[VB.NET script/ASPX] VonageInfo Dashboard Scraper

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    [VB.NET script/ASPX] VonageInfo Dashboard Scraper

    VonageInfo Script

    Current Version: 1.0.0 Beta

    Requirements: HomeSeer v2+

    This script allows you to capture various pieces of information from your Vonage dashboard (web site account) as well as allow for changing some of the features/settings.

    Under construction:
    - Logging incoming/outgoing call activity to a database. If you choose database capturing on the web page, it won't do anything yet, only the file-based capture is working at the moment.

    - Setting the voicemail email notification settings.

    1. Shut down HomeSeer and place the following in your settings.ini file, look for a line that starts with "ScriptingReferences=" (take out the leading comma if the line doesn't already have anything after the equals sign):


      If the "ScriptingReferences" line already has this info then skip to the next step.
    2. Restart HomeSeer.
    3. Place the vonageinfo.vb file in the HomeSeer scripts folder.
    4. Place the vonageinfo.aspx in the HomeSeer html folder or in it's own folder under html.
    5. Browse to the vonageinfo.aspx web page and enter in the your phone and web login info then choose the values you wish to capture. Be sure to click the save button.
      *** NOTE: Be aware that you are responsible for the devices that you choose to create or remove using this web page. If you use the "Create Devices" or "Remove Devices" buttons, you do so at your own risk. I'd advise you to make sure you are selecting/removing device codes that you are not already using.
    6. Create a recurring event that runs this script at your desired interval. As an example, I run it every 15 minutes.
    - Captured Vonage Info -
    Once the data is captured, it is stored in the device's stringvalue and in some cases (like most of the billing info) it will also be stored in the devicevalue which may be helpful for various event-based triggers that you wish to set. Incoming and outgoing phone activity is recorded to a file of your choice.

    - Setting Vonage Info -
    The following lists the available functions for changing your Vonage settings (see the vonageinfo.vb for usage details):

    Function: SetNAN
    Purpose: Sets the network availability number (NAN) which will automatically have your calls forwarded to the phone number of your choice in the event your internet connection is disrupted.

    Function: SetCallFwd
    Purpose: Configure your Vonage number to automatically forward your calls to any telephone number of your choice. Also allows for the setup of SimulRing to forward to several phone numbers at the same time.

    Function: SetQuality
    Purpose: Also known as "Bandwidth Saver", sets the sound quality of your calls slightly to save bandwidth. Three levels are available: normal, high or highest.

    Function: SetCallWait
    Purpose: Enables or disables call waiting.

    Function: PlaceCall
    Purpose: Place an outgoing call using the click-2-call web site (

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