I've put together this script library that I use to collect all the phone calls while I am away and announce them to me when I get home. It assumes you have a virtual device to indicate occupancy.

I've seen some people asking about using HS global variables. This might be instructive as I actually use them to keep an ArrayList of the phone calls.

To use the script you need to do the following:

1) Open the script and set the variables occupancySensor to the house code of your virtual occupancy device.

2) Set the variable phoneLine to the line number you are using (I assume most people will use the default of 0).

3) Create an event that triggers when caller ID is available and use it to run the subroutine LogCall from the library.

4) Create an event that triggers when the house becomes vacant and call the ClearCallerLog subroutine. This will empty the ArrayList so that only the new calls will be announced.

5) Create an event that triggers when you want the announcement to play (Mine plays when I walk into the kitchen). Run the SpeakCallLog subroutine from the library. You may want to edit the CallLogString function to change what is actually said.

I hope you guys find this usefull.

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