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    tcquarium discussion

    I have a 2.0 package available on my website's download page for tracking aquarium data. Theres some pages and an access database that lets a person track info for tanks, vendors, stock, water parameters, and images. If anyone wants to try it. Just place the unzipped folder in homeseer's html folder then create a name and link in Homeseer's Setup/web site page.

    something like this
    title - Tc Quarium
    link - /tcquarium/tanks.aspx

    There are 2 versions available one for HS and one for IIS and Cassini web server.
    Cassini is a free server that lets people use on xphome. Kinda like a desktop app. So if you know other aquarists who may find this usefull feel free to tell them. If anyone finds this usefull I'm open to suggestions.