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[VBScript] Joke of the day / Random Joke

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    [VBScript] Joke of the day / Random Joke

    This is a simple script that will tell you the joke of the day, of you you are in a more humorous mood, as many random jokes as you care to handle

    It retreives all of its information from

    The Syntax is quite simple:

    "Samantha tell me a joke"
    "Samantha tell me a random joke"

    The daily joke is updated each day, and the random, just does exactly that, from the joke database on the web site.

    You will need to change the "Samantha" to your computers name, instructions are at the top of the script. Simply using "Tell me a joke" is only 4 syllables , and had a tendency to misfire quite often.

    I have been using this script for over 2 years, and the web page has never changed in that time, and broken the script. I just added a few little tweaks and such to make it compatible with HS2 now.

    Running this for the past couple years has aloud for some tweaking on the way things get spoken. Such as Dr. Pepper not being pronounced d r pepper.

    Full instructions to install it are at the top of the script file, as well as being able to have it speak a joke without having to use a voice command, such as a trigger, button press ect.

    Just let me know if it has worked for you, and there are no issues in the discussion thread. thanks!

    Discussion is located Here

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