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[VB Script] The Super Palmpad remote

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    [VB Script] The Super Palmpad remote

    I've always wondered why nobody ever built a RF remote that works on all house codes, without having to go through a tedious setup sequence each time you want to access a new house code.

    So, I decided to use a palmpad to do just that. I call it the Super Palmpad Remote !

    What it does is allow somebody to use a palmpad to control devices over the whole range of house codes with just a few key presses.

    All you need is :

    - a palmpad remote set on house code "P";
    - the included script;
    - an event to run the script.

    The event that you need to setup must have this trigger :

    " Received X10 " : " House code : P " : " Device code : Any " : " Command : Any X10 "

    The description of the scripts and instructions on how-to-use them are included in the script file headers.

    Version 1 (V1) Implements Multiple house codes / device codes commands

    Version 2 (V2) Implements Multiple house codes / device codes commands + reporting + supports non X-10 interfaces such as UPB, INSTEON and Z-Wave.

    If you use the scripts and find a bug let me know.

    A discussion of these scripts can be found here :

    Updated August 4, 2007 : Added version kindly translated by Jon.
    The update also includes an optional auto-reset parameter after a selectable preset time delay.

    Updated August 7, 2007 : Corrected syntax error in script version V1 and added new version V2 (script).
    Version V2 supports non-X10 interfaces via a special house code character and also implements reporting via the palmpad range selector.

    Updated June 6, 2008 : Converted version V2 (script) to
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