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[VBScript] AB8SS Control Script Package

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    [VBScript] AB8SS Control Script Package

    I've never had an AB8SS before, but bought one as part of the HA project I'm doing for my brother. I wrote this package last week and tested it some, so please let me know if there are things that don't work right.

    There may be other things that people want to do with an AB8SS, but I wrote this to do only three things:

    1) Provide control of the AB8SS speaker relays and A/B select via device controls (e.g., ExecX10 to turn them on or off)
    2) To reflect the current speaker and A/B select status on those same devices
    3) Provide some script functions (to be called from other scripts or events) to poll the status of the AB8SS, turn on or off individual speaders, etc.

    I didn't actually look at the two pay-to-play plug-ins for the AB8SS, so there may be other things they do. I'm willing to look at adding things if they appear to be universally useful for the AB8SS. I'm also not trying to detract from those packages; I just would rather use scripts that I can edit and modify to whatever I want.

    The package includes a README, an INI config file, an install script (which creates devices and events based on what you put in the INI file), and the scripts.

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