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[VB.NET Script] Play Phone Messages <discussion>

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    [VB.NET Script] Play Phone Messages <discussion>

    Didn't realize that replys can't be posted in the library section

    This is the discussion thread for a script that plays voicemail over speakers from the default mailbox.

    it is just a variation on several of the scripts that are floating around the board.

    Script located here:

    Script reads through voice mail. (In Default Mailbox)

    Script looks up Caller ID info for announcing "Who" left the message.

    Script leaves messages "unread" in mail box.

    After last message is played , script asks if you want to mark messages "read" and waits 5 seconds for response.

    If the script is run Again during that 5 second window.. the messages are marked as read. (this was fun to figure out)

    Messages are Interruptable during playback.. (this was a must since we do get recordings of "busy Tones" once in a while.)

    To interrupt messages, execute a one line script (triggered from web page, palmpad etc) with the following code

    &hs.urlaction "http://localhost/hspw/?no_page_gen=1&doaction=stopspkr","GET","",""

    Let me know if there are any problems

    Thank you,


    Andrew B.