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MLHSAlarmClock 2.x

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    MLHSAlarmClock 2.x

    Completely re-written and 2.x compatible.

    Deluxe AlarmClock, Reminders, Recurring time
    based events for use with TouchScreen UI.

    Tested and working on:

    Perl ActiveState
    XP Pro
    HS 2.x
    MainLobby 3.x

    Is setup difficult?
    No. It does take a few minutes to make sure you have certain things
    set right but you should be up and running in under 15 minutes
    Just follow the instructions in the "ReadMe" file "EXACTLY" and all the required
    events and devices will automatically be setup for you.
    Strongly suggest you use all default settings to begin with.

    The Read Me File is extensive and covers complete Step-By-Step instuctions so anyone can get this up and running in just minutes. Most of you all today have all the software requirements installed except perhaps "PERL". I've been running Perl with HS and MainLobby for is totally stable. Perl is free.

    Requirements:Due to the amount of work required to create this I am using the following licence:

    FREE for non-commercial use.

    FEE based for commercial use.

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    Last edited by kevind; October 10, 2007, 12:55 AM. Reason: Added more info to ReadMe File and Updated the Snooze Action Event