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XBMC Python Script to Control HomeSeer

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    XBMC Python Script to Control HomeSeer

    anyone ever use this? Im going to run it but since the user joined in 2002 and has 3 posts.. dont think there will be much support...
    HW - i5 4570T @2.9ghz runs @11w | 8gb ram | 128gb ssd OS - Win10 x64

    HS - HS3 Pro Edition

    Plugins - BLRF | Concord 4 | HSBuddy 3.9.605.5 | HSTouch Server | RFXCOM | X10 | Z-Wave

    Hardware - EdgePort/4 DB9 Serial | RFXCOM 433MHz USB Transceiver | Superbus 2000 for Concord 4 | TI103 X-10 Interface | WGL Designs W800 RF | Z-Net Z-Wave Interface

    Need new source for XBMC HomeControl script

    THe DL link for HomeControl from XBMC in topic #110470 seems to be dead, as is the xbmc-scripts site. Is there an alternative source for this script? Can someone email it to me for testing on HS2, plz?

    Sorry....I dug some more and found it attached here:

    But is there any newer version? This one is pretty old.