This script polls TED (TheEnergyDetective) and stores the
information in Homeseer devices. The script polls the RDU via
TedService installed as part of the footprints software. The script
was developed against Footprints v1.2.6

The script will create/update 36 devices with the information retrieved
from TED. Before running for the first time you MUST EDIT the scipt to
customize if for your installation. If you don't customize it then the
script will fail with an error when run.

Install and configuration directions in the readme file.

This works through the TEDService so it can operate in parallel with TEDViewer without interference.

There are three commands to the TEDService that I know of. Each can be
run from any browser:
"http://localhost:9090/DashboardData" - returns an XML file with current data
"http://localhost:9090/Dash" - opens TEDViewer screen (but without the menu)
"http://localhost:9090/SettingsData" - returns the current settings in effect (TEDViewer -Settings page)


v1.02 updated to handle "Infinity" being returned for averages
v1.04 updates devices only when value changes; values now stored at 100*value to preserve decimal data; 'NaN' returns handled similar to 'Infinity'
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