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    Canadian Weather Plugin


    For all those fellow Canadians out there, or those that would like to monitor the weather in Canada, the Canadian Weather Plugin was written in VB.Net and is only supported on HomeSeer Version 2.2.0.x and newer.

    This plugin is based upon Environment Canada's web pages, and will pull the information from the web and populate the system generated devices with the proper information as shown on the web page, thereby allowing you to monitor the weather via your HS webpage. The weather can also be spoken to you using TTS on a schedule or on queue by triggering an event to occur. Email addresses are supported to send weather warnings when they are first detected. The selection of your City has been greatly improved and is now done via the gui to reduce the aggravation of manual changes to a script or ini file.

    Cost: the Plugin is Free but donations are always welcome. Might just allow me to buy the Wife some flowers to help with the hours spent programming this plugin.

    The discussion forum for this plugin can be found here.

    Shutdown Homeseer
    Run Setup(s), the installer will install all necessary icons and files in the appropriate locations.
    Upon running the plugin, the necessary devices are created automatically.

    Restart Homeseer
    Go to your setup tab http://localhost/conf
    Select the interfaces tab
    There you will find the CanadianWeather plugin listed
    If there is a grey disabled button, select it to enable the plugin
    Just below the Enabled button is a Config button
    The Config button is a link to the Web Interface http://localhost/CanadianWeather

    Script Cleanup
    The old devices used for the CanadianWeather Script need to be manually deleted
    The old events used for the CanadianWeather Script need to be manually deleted

    Revision History: (Highlights Only)
    Version 1.2.21 - Corrected changes to website. (use with V1.2.20 Help file)
    Version 1.2.20 - Added speak time option
    - Added ability to see graphics forecast in singular format
    - This version in 2 executables due to forum zip file restrictions.
    Version 1.2.19 - Prevent speaking of "Not Available" items
    - Added advanced warning information to email client
    Version 1.2.18 - Added speed and volume settings for TTS
    Version 1.2.17 - initial release to the web



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