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    Originally posted by stevea View Post
    Ha! No, sorry. Sure works well in HS2 though!
    Yes it does. Mine started up yesterday. So we have two successful 2016 irrigation(s) using HS2 and W10.

    Are you still doing hard retirement stuff Steve?

    Hope So.



      Here running mcsSprinklers in Mono on a Seagate Dockstar now for about 3 years or so. It is connected to two 8 zone Rain8Nets serially today.

      It does well and fits nicely inside of the Rainbird box. I am using USB SSD drives (tiny) on it and it works well this way.

      That said you can if you wanted to just DIY build an RPi2 and run mcsSprinkers on it remoting to your HS3 mothership.
      - Pete

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        Originally posted by frankc View Post
        Yes it does. Mine started up yesterday. So we have two successful 2016 irrigation(s) using HS2 and W10.

        Are you still doing hard retirement stuff Steve?

        Hope So.

        Yeah, retirement is hard work. I re-enabled the sprinklers for a few days, but since we now have something around 1-1.5 feet of snow outside, I'm guessing the sprinklers don't need to run for a while.

        I mainly count on HS to keep the house looking occupied, grass watered, and cameras catching motion when we are gone. HS2 has been marginally reliable when we have been off on 1-2 month trips. I still have to have it reboot every week or so, but at least it is predictable.

        From what I read here on the board, I would be absolutely crazy to think about moving to HS3 (granted, a pretty limited snapshot since I don't come here often). Sounds like the beat goes on for getting HS3 reliable, and the idea of being dependent on Homeseer Tech services for IFTTT and such sounds really bad. I'll stay on HS2, thanks.

        Stuff that never got fixed in HS2 (Media player eating memory, web server eating memory, etc.) are more than enough reason for me to not upgrade to the "newest" thing here. Fool me once shame on you, fool me twice shame on me.



          Hey Steve..

          I've been using your Sprinkler deal since you initiated it with really good success.. My HS rarely goes down. I restarted maybe every 3 months just for good measure.. I'm running it on Win XP on a small shoebox size server with Rain8Net from WGL. (connected to a Quatech serial server) My only issue seems to be occasionally HS doesn't turn off a zone which I finally circumvented by setting the default timers as needed with a config of the Rain8net so that they turn off even if state is lost within HS. Doesn't happen often but it has happened.. soggy yard..
          I would agree with you that I will probably never do the HS3 upgrade just b/c things are stable and I have too much older code that would be a pain to migrate. Thanks


            Originally posted by Rotech View Post

            Sorry to ask, but I there a chance for HS3?
            Is this Scritp still not good for HS3 Steve?
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