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[VB.NET Script] bjd_random_wav Script

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    [VB.NET Script] bjd_random_wav Script

    This script will count wave files in an input directory and then randomly play one of the wave files. A wave file directory named beeps is included and contains a number of different Star Trek sounds. You could use your own sounds in different directories. I use this script to play a random wave file before HomeSeer starts speaking.

    Unzip into your Homeseer 2 directory.
    Setup an event in HomeSeer that executes the script: bjd_random_wav.vb("Main","\wave\beeps\")
    Execute the event and listen for a random wave file to be played from the directory \HomeSeer 2\wave\beeps\

    New Event Example Calling Other Wave Files:
    Create other directories with different wave files and use the new directory name in the new event. For example if you create a new directory named \HomeSeer 2\wave\beeps2 and copy some wave files to it, then create a new event and executing the script as bjd_random_wav.vb("Main","\wave\beeps2\")

    Files included in the are:
    \HomeSeer 2\Scripts\bjd_random_wavs.vb
    \HomeSeer 2\Wave\beeps\ (23 wave files)

    Discussion forum is found here.
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