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Vista Security panel support through Vista ICM

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    Vista Security panel support through Vista ICM

    I have created a plug-in for the Ademco (Honeywell) Vista series of security panels when used in conjunction with the Vista ICM.

    The current version is The latest version can always be found here: (Well, when the server isn't down for maintenance. )

    I have not created a nice installation yet, as it's really just one file copy. I may update that at a later point.

    Private Message me if you have any questions.

    • The plug-in is using methods in HomeSeer that require version 2.2.x.x or higher.
    • Only one ICM can be in use in the network at a time (this includes Vista ICM as well as other ICMs). Although, an ICM other than ffice:smarttags" /><ST1lace w:st="on">Vista</ST1lace> is possible, it has not been tested, so no guarantees.
    • Stop HomeSeer 2
    • Copy the hspi_vista_icm.dll file to the HomeSeer program directory.
    • Run HomeSeer 2
    • Go to the Setup menu for the interfaces and Enable the Vista ICM plug-in (no configuration necessary at this point), but may be performed through the plug-in pages (Config).