This plug-in will allow users to control any number of remote MediaMonkey instances from within HomeSeer/HSTouch.

Latest Version:
Alpha 6 (download on this page)

Revision History:

Alpha 6:
  • Redid the whole communication mechanism (again). Now uses xAP to send commands/information from client and server. For more information on xAP start here: The downside to this, due to the nature of xAP, is data may be lost. So when transferring lots of data (large playlist, cover art, etc) some may get dropped. The plug-in compensates for this by re-sending data every so often. Eventually it will get there.
  • Added support for conditions for things like a player online/offline, muted/unmuted, playing, stopped, paused, etc.
  • The server (your HS machine) will attempt to create a shared folder for the clients to send the cover art to. If it can't it will use xAP, so it is possible that the artwork may get mangled.
  • The client side component does its best to get its screens out of the way.
  • The server will auto-detect new clients and create devices for them.
  • HST album art should work

Alpha 3:
  • Better checking of remote instance's state when HS was talking. This should eliminate unneeded delays when HS is speaking.
  • Added MM Triggers and Actions (its darn near useful! :^)

Alpha 2:
  • Totally rewritten communication mechanism between the plug-in and remote instances.
  • .Net 3.0 requirement added

Alpha 1:
  • .Net 2.0 C# plug-in using remoting to pull remote instances of the MediaMonkey object.

  • Connect to, and control, copies of MediaMonkey running on any computer in the house
  • Works with HSTouch
  • Will pause music playback when HomeSeer is speaking (I think I removed this for the time being in .6, I forget)

Install Steps:
  • Download and install .Net 3.0 ( on each computer you will run MediaMonkey remotely
  • Download and install MediaMonkey (
  • Run MM at least once as the local administrator. NOTE, an account in the administrators group is not enough. You have run as the user Administrator
  • Unzip the contents of unto your HomeSeer folder.
  • Unzip the contents of server to <HomeSeer>/html/mediamonkey/images
  • Unzip the contents of somewhere on the machine that has MediaMonkey installed. I typically put it in the same directory as the MediaMonkey player.

Note for user's of previous versions:
  • Delete the previous config/mediamonkey.ini
  • Delete all devices previously created by MM

  • Run MediaMonkeyRemote.exe. This will launch MediaMonkey itself. If MediaMonkey is already running you may be asked to restart it.
  • Setup the plug-in like any other
  • Add an MediaMonkey instance via the configuration screen
  • Enjoy

Bugs & Features to add:
  • Sometimes portions of large qualities of data "get lost" in transmission (Most often the Album list and cover art). The components will re-transmit so eventually it will get there. I've mitigated this with album art by having the server create an share and the clients copy the file over.
  • The cover art displayed in HST is sometimes from the previous song. I'm trying to figure out how get these to sync properly.
  • Do NOT select a track to play in HSTouch from 'Playlists' in the Music Selector. Its busted. But using Albums, Artists, and Genres work just fine. The internals of MM makes the playlist thing the exception to the rule.
  • I run MM on Win7 x64, works fine.
  • A HTML front end for non-HSTouch users
  • HSTouch 'Playlists' filter does not work (the API for this is not well documented) - I can display the playlists and their tracks, but do not attempt to play a track from this filter
  • Create an installer
  • Create a 'client' installer
  • HST album art only grabs the file located in the music folder. Grab them from the tags. This will allow for multiple libraries
  • Figure out how to remote the status call backs vs polling
  • The xfx.dll has been modified from the original. I need to separate my changes from the original (thus creating another dll on both client and server)

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