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  • jkarney

    I downloaded your [ASP Event List] extracted the file and put in the HomeSeer HS2/HTML folder. I called eventlistlastrun.asp but get this error:

    Script error: Exception from HRESULT: 0x80040E21

    evdb.fields("Name") = EventDetails.Name
    evdb.fields("Group") =

    Any ideas?


    Also funny thing: I too tried to post in your original thread but was unable to. I do not have permission to access this page. Although I see Ram was able to post. Strange; any he is having a similar problem as I.


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  • jsteed
    started a topic [ASP] Event List - Discussion

    [ASP] Event List - Discussion

    Discussdion for [ASP] Event List script posted in the Library, here

    Simple ASP page that lists HS events and the date that they last ran.
    -sorting by date, name, group
    -clicking group name opens events page for that group
    -clicking event name opens the edit event page for that event


    That's interesting. I updated the asp page to include the fix that Jon pointed out. I can edit my post but I can't reply to the thread, even though both Jon and Bill can. I kinda remember that library posts were supposed to be author edit only. Ah, well. So figured I'd start this so I can discuss my own posting.

    Jon: Thanks for pointing out the buglet.
    Bill: At least I inspired someon to get something done today. Most of my cleanup time got spent on making the page. At least I can make better progress later. Your db will probably shrink once it goes through a compaction at some time in the future.