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  • Cumulus Weather Script


    I am please to announce that the Cumulus weather script is now available for download from the third party area on Jon's site -

    As the script is dependant on Cumulus, any weather station supported by Cumulus will work.

    This has been tested with Cumulus version 1.8.4b but should be ok with later releases too as it will ignore any additional data.

    Please ensure you download Cumulus from the Sandaysoft website and configure it before you install the script.

    The distribution package contains documentation, so please have a quick read, and also ensure that you edit the INI file before running the scripts.

    Please post support questions here.

    Have fun


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    I hope this is the support area for this script.

    I notice in the latest release it has now been encrypted , which is a shame I think as people want slightly different things.

    For me though the key question is how do I get rid of the log entry message that appears every time it updates - in my case every 2 minutes.

    "Cumulus Data update completed"



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      I didn't know anybody was using the script

      Give me a few days and I'll change it to remove that log message, as it really isnt needed anyhow.
      I encrypted the file purely to retain the integrity of the system - too many cooks etc etc.
      But I did have somebody take my code and make a few changes and call it their own work (not this script I will add) so there is personal pride in it too !



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        So has David stopped supporting this script? I thought it was his baby,



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          Well he gave it to me and I converted and updated it.
          I have attached a new update script with the logging removed.
          I am still runng Cumulus 1.8.6 B809 so you mayj ust need to ensure that the script is OK with whatever version you have - let me know !

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            Originally posted by Ritchie View Post
            Well he gave it to me and I converted and updated it.
            Ok, I must have missed that, good luck with it anyway..



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              Ritchie, the updated script posted above generates an error on run, something about not being encoded correctly.

              I also notice that your version has different device code assignments, I had to delete all mine and regenerate the devices, easy enough, just thought Id mention it



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                Sorry - I missed this post, I wasn't watching the thread.
                I must have used an old encrypt program, I'll check that out.
                The device code assignments should have come from the ini file, or Wxx by default.
                Are you working OK now ?


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                  Hi Ritchie, I think I moved back to Davids script and thats whgere I am now.. I will re try yours again and see what happens, thanks, TrOjAn


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                    Hello, Ritchie,

                    I'm trying to install the updated Cumulus script you posted here, but the script is encrypted and there's no documentation in the .zip file, so I am at a loss as to how to use it.

                    Any advice?

                    -- Chris


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                      Did you downloaded the script from Jon's site ?
                      IIRC there are instructions there (see top post).

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                        Attached to this post is the complete installation set that was originally distributed, it has full instructions on how to setup and run.
                        I have not yet tried with 2.4 but there is no reason to suspect that it will not work

                        I will try and chck it all out next week and post updates if necessary
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                          Thanks, guys! It's working great!

                          -- Chris


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                            What does this error message mean ?
                            ( sorry but encrypted scripts are a right pain )

                            24/11/2009 19:30:46 - Cumulus - No updates made - error received: Index was outside the bounds of the array.

                            - Cumulus - Update Event already in place.

                            At one stage I added a new device giving 11 in total but I have now removed it but I still get the error now. I have also updated to v 1.8.8 of Cumulus.

                            Devices are updating OK in HS still but BWired isn't right (which I think generates the error) -and I can't edit/test the device type anymore or test the settings for divisor/dec points etc.



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                              You cannot add/remove devices manually for the script to update.
                              Devices are created and maintained by the scripts - They will read the realtime.txt and the setup script will create devices based on the content of that file, then maintain them in the update script.
                              I can't remember the total number of devices, but it will be in excess of 11 (49 springs to mind).

                              I know nothing about BWired, and I have not tested with any beta releases of Cumulus, only the 1.8.7, and certainly not v2 yet.

                              I plan to take a look at both this week.