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MediaPortal (PVR) control of HomeSeer

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    MediaPortal (PVR) control of HomeSeer

    MediaPortal is an open source PVR software that runs on Windows.

    I have developed a plugin (actually two, one for MediaPortal and one for HomeSeer) that talk over TCP/IP and allows you to execute events, send IR (not quite sure about this) and control devices using your remote control.

    More usefully it is a VERY general interface and allows you to control homeseer using Telnet or ANYTHING that talks over TCP/IP.

    It is also very simple.

    The link to to the MediaPortal forum is -

    Hi James,

    First, congratulations! it's a great plugin for mediaportal!

    I'm planning to add to my software some direct orders to homeseer and your socket communication seems to be easier to understand than the sample VB .net plugin code.

    Is it possible to do something else than testing the homeseer server using telnet? Can I use device/event/IR? And if it's the case, what about the synthax to use?

    Would you advise to send an XML stream instead?