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WeatherEye WEA22 weather station inteface

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    WeatherEye WEA22 weather station inteface

    Oh no, it's been raining for ever and there is now a wind from the North - good job HomeSeer can....

    (turn on a pump, turn up the heating, call for help - whatever).

    This plugin interfaces one of those little weather stations to HomeSeer (via the USB connection to the display pad). Go to
    to have a look at the device - sweet isn't it.

    I also interfaced this to MediaPortal (hence link to their site and see other post) but it is MUCH more useful to HomeSeer.

    The VERY, VERY simple plugin uses a [common] class to get the weather from the station display and executes a script function, passing the entire weather state to the function as a string.

    An example script (that just splits and logs the info) is provided and it runs as a simple plugin with no configuration.

    It has to be enabled but no configuration required.

    HUGE thanks to Weather-Eye for the information and test program supplied.

    PS I don't use the internal alarms that the weather station provides since it is more flexible to have HomeSeer do what it wants with the information.

    Once again the link to the MediaPortal plugin (which also has the HomeSeer plugin) is -

    Now what can you think of now that you know what the weather is just outside your door...?

    Any questions/suggestions, please email me.