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    VR On?

    is there a way to poll the speaker instances to see if vr is listening for commands or not?
    I was hoping for a way to make a virtual device to monitor this parameter and trigger an event to call a random phrase and mute the tv when vr starts listening.

    Is this possible?

    I use this script in an event called VR Off to shut down VR.

    sub main ()

    hs speak. hs plugin("ROC-Rnd") .random("VR off")
    hs ListenForCommands FALSE

    end sub

    This wont work in reverse because speaker is not listening until after the voice command, speaker would have to have the option to run a script when it speaks (or instead of speaking) the attention acknowledge phrase.

    I'm trying to work around this limitation with no success at this point.
    Anyone have any ideas?