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[ASP] HomeSeer-specific Slideshow ASP

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    [ASP] HomeSeer-specific Slideshow ASP

    This simple ASP implements a slideshow from the HomeSeer web server. It's very easy to install and requires no customization of the file. You can set up multiple slideshows simply by making copies of the slideshow in different directories.

    Version History:
    2002-01-27 v1.0: first upload to new Script Library

    Create a directory anywhere under your HomeSeer HTML directory. Fill it up with GIF and/or JPG picture files. Put a copy of this file into it. Then add a browser link pointing to this page. Note: there's no security implemented so if you allow guest access at all, they can see this slideshow.

    You can optionally change the refresh time (10 seconds) or the file types (GIF, JPG) that it will use by editing the file, but for most people this is not necessary. The script gets everything else it needs to know from the current directory and from HomeSeer.

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