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[script] Circular backups of any file

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    [script] Circular backups of any file

    Makes a set of rotating circular backups of any file, such as your HDV file, or in fact anything else that you want to keep a few day's or week's history of.

    Version History:
    2002-01-27 v1.0: first uploaded to new Script Library

    Put this in your scripts directory, then create one or more events to use it. It's typical to make events that run once a day or once a week, but the schedule is up to you. In these events, you need to call this script, but you also have to pass parameters to it. Instead of simply typing
    you need to type something like this:
    circular_backup.txt("main","C:\My Documents\My Journal.doc")
    The parameter specifies the complete pathname of the file to be backed up.

    The script will produce five backups; each time it's run, the oldest will be deleted, the rest will be moved back one, and the current file will be copied to the newest. The backup filenames will be the same as the original filename, but with extensions .b01 (for the newest backup) to .b05 (for the oldest). It's fairly easy to modify the script to change the number of backups made.

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