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[script] Rotate and email log files

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    [script] Rotate and email log files

    One of my first scripts, from way back on the old scripts & tips page. This simply rotates my ah.log file through five backups for five previous days (that's as far back as I ever want to look, but it'd be easy to change it to go farther), and emails me today's log file, so I can be reminded to skim through it. This keeps each log file of a manageable size and also keeps disk usage from log files reasonable; and the email feature makes sure if something's going on the logs I'll notice it.

    Note: if you're using SMTP instead of MAPI, I don't know if this will work; support for SMTP sending of attachments didn't used to work and still might not.

    Version History:
    2002-01-27 v1.0: first uploaded to new Script Library

    Put in your scripts directory, then open in a text editor and edit the two Const lines near the top to reflect the proper email addresses. Then make an event that runs this script every day.

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