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[ASP] Execute an arbitrary command when needed

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    [ASP] Execute an arbitrary command when needed

    This ASP generates a simple page with a simple form on it, consisting of a text field and an Execute button. Type any HomeSeer script command into the box -- such as anything that you'd use in a & one-liner -- and click Execute, and the command will be executed. Note: guests can see the page and pretend to use it, but while no error message comes up, nothing actually happens. (That's my preferred security model.)

    This is handy when you just need to execute a single command to fix something or test something. It's also good if you have some other HomeSeer download that needs you to execute a command to start up the installation process.

    Revision History:
    2002-01-27 v1.0: first uploaded to new Script Library

    Unarchive the zip file, placing all three files in your HTML directory. Then call the right URL to get to execute.vbs. Nothing else needed.

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