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[ASP] Starband 360 status monitor

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    [ASP] Starband 360 status monitor

    This simple page is only useful if your ISP is Starband and you're using a Starband 360 modem and the current version of the firmware. It provides a simple version of the same information that's on the Mission Control status page.

    In addition, I've added a connection to my own network monitor script, which I haven't uploaded because there are plenty of others out there. That means you'll probably want to edit out the bits around that first line on the upper left, or adapt them to use your own network monitor's results. (Mine relies entirely on the device value; 0 is up, 1 is warning/alert, and 2 and up is "down", with the number being the number of missed batches of pings. I do batches of 5 pings and it only counts as a miss if none of them get through; this eliminates most false alarms.)

    Revision History:
    2002-01-27 v1.0: first upload to new Script Library

    Other than the notes about network monitor connections mentioned above, all you need to do is put it in your HTML directory.

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