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[Script] RCS-TX15B AutoSend Thermostat Script

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    [Script] RCS-TX15B AutoSend Thermostat Script

    Version 3.0 Update 1/23/2002
    Heat Extended run
    Automatically computes Processor Speed, affects wait loop.
    Automatically disable default TStat event
    Misc Bug Fixes.

    This is my AutoSend RCS-TX15B Thermostat script, it is a drop in replacement for the polling TStat script supplied with Homeseer, EXCEPT it uses AutoSend vs. Polling. It will discover your thermostat(s), adds the events it uses and automatically adds the devices it uses, these devices are mostly just to display status.
    (Some interesting script code to find and add devices)

    It does NOT support setback.

    Special Features
    Multiple Thermostat support, finding them automatically
    Min/Max Safety feature,
    Special code to allow specific X-10 commands to control the Thermostat.
    Heat and Air Extended run

    To install it READ the documentation. There is one adjustment is needed to your configuration (startup.txt) to make this work.

    Comments and suggestions always welcome.

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