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    Network Monitor Plug-In

    I am aware that there are already a number of network device monitoring plug-ins available, however after trying 2 of these on my system, I found that neither were suitable for my requirements, so at the risk of re-inventing the wheel, I decided to create my own plug-in.

    The question "What does this do that the others don't" has been asked before and the easy answer is, "not much really". The main reason I am releasing it for others to use is that I have had good feedback regarding it's reliability. I am trying to create an ultra-reliable Homeseer system and being in full control of my system and plug-ins goes a long way towards this goal. I am now only using 2 third party plug-ins, RFXCOM and Netcam and I intend to replace Netcam with my own CCTV plug-in in the very near future.

    The plug-in is finished and when released it will be a free download. A couple of forum users have been helping me with testing during development, however it would be good to have a couple more people to do some final testing before is is made generally available, just in case I have missed something major.

    The plug-in has simialar features to the others with the main exceptions of timers and remote shutdown capabilities, although remote shutdown / restart is on my to-do list. A basic summary of features is below.
    • .NET plug-in with very low overhead on the Homeseer server.
    • Monitored devices can be added by IP address, host name or url and can be located on the local or remote networks.
    • Wake On LAN is supported and a MAC address lookup facility is provided on the device configuration page.
    • The polling interval, time to wait for a response, number of failed polls before the device becomes Offline and logging to the HS log file are all configurable on a per-device basis.
    • Devices can be configured to become “Degraded” before becoming “Offline” if the number of failed polls is set greater than 1.
    • A WOL action is provided to wake a device within a Homeseer event.
    • Web based configuration with no access to guest users.
    A PDF manual with screenshots is available here.

    If anyone is interested in the plug-in, PM me with your email address and I will send you the download link.

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