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Repost of an AWESOME script by Alex Kurz

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    Repost of an AWESOME script by Alex Kurz

    This is one of the best scripts that I have on my system and it was written by Alex Kurz a couple years ago. It will allow you to have just a few events to control ALL of your devices by name to change the on/off/dim state. It will also accept timed events very similar to what HAL 200 offers. Such as: "in 3 hours turn on the porch lights for 1 hour".
    I see the last post Alex made was back in September of last year. For those new to the board, I decided to place it here in the new home for the scripts so it would be easy for everyone to find. 100% of the credit for this script goes to Alex, and I am just reposting it here for all to use. Here is the original text from his posting burried quite a few pages deep in what is not the Script library archive as well as a link to the original posting:

    Control all your devices with only 5 automatically generated HS events!

    * Supports flexible voice commands like "turn on the living room light", "living room light on", "dim living room light to 52%" etc.

    * Timed events. Use commands like "in ten minutes turn on office fan for 25 minutes".

    * Status control. Just ask HS "what's the status of kitchen light?" or just "kitchen light?".

    * Full direct dimming support. Based on the settings in HS, the scripts will send the correct dimming commands to your devices. Standard X10 lamp modules will receive a "dim to xx%, bright first" and Leviton switches will get their preset dim commands.

    Here is the link to the original thread

    Alex, I hope you do not mind me re-posting this, but this is just an amazing set of scripts that no one should be without!

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