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Growl Plug-in for HomeSeer

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    Growl Plug-in for HomeSeer

    Here's my latest plug-in...Growl for HomeSeer. It supports local and remote Growl systems (Windows and Mac), as well as password protection, sticky, and priority. It supports unlimited hosts, so you can push notifications to as many computers as you'd like.

    This simply pushes all log entries to Growl. Displaying a notification is now available via actions and also scripting.
    To disable specific notification types (there are currently 5 types: user, action, log info, log warning, log error), allow the plug-in to register with Growl and then use the Growl settings to adjust the notifications.

    Here are a few examples for the scripting portion:
    hs.Plugin("Growl").Notify "Message goes here" ' Title will default to "HomeSeer"
    hs.Plugin("Growl").Notify "Title", "Message goes here" ' Title and message are specified
    hs.Plugin("Growl").Notify "Title", "Message goes here", True ' Sticky is set to true, which requests that the notification stays on the screen until clicked
    hs.Plugin("Growl").Notify "Title", "Message goes here", True, 2 ' Sets priority to Emergency; 2 = Emergency, 1 = High, 0 = Normal, -1 = Low, -2 = Very Low
    Growl for HomeSeer 1.0.3680.9146 [1/28/2010 5:04 AM, 40KB]

    The following is my setup; it allows me to be alerted visual and audibly for HomeSeer errors:

    Default Display: Smokestack, at top-right of screen

    HomeSeer Notifications:
    Log Notice: Disabled
    Log Warning: Display=Visor, Duration=5 sec, Priority=High [Orange in Visor display], Sound=Windows Error.wav
    Log Error: Display=Visor, Duration=10 sec, Priority=Emergency [Red in Visor display], Sound=Windows Critical Stop.wav
    User Message (Scripting): Default
    Event Action: Default

    Hope this helps get an idea of how to use this plug-in!

    Please report all bugs and feedback to this thread. Thanks!
    Last edited by dale3h; January 28, 2010, 06:38 AM.

    Growl for HomeSeer has been updated to version 1.0.3680.9146. It now supports notifications via event actions and scripting.