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[plugin] DooNetwork Version 1.1.24

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    [plugin] DooNetwork Version 1.1.24

    Attached is Version 1.1.24 of my Home Network plugin.

    If you like this plugin, please consider making a one-time donation of $5 to the Chicago Home Automation Users Group. Go to and click on HomeSeer Scripts & Plugins menu item and then click on DooNetwork Plugin for HomeSeer. At the bottom of the page, there is a link for making donations.

    Version 1.1.24 - Device last change date is only updated when status of network device has changed. Added optional timer to device string similar to the DooMotion plugin. Just add ShowTimer=True INI entry. Also supports a TimerStyle= entry that allows timer to have different HTML style.

    Version 1.1.18 - Devices are maintained during shutdown so that associated events are not hosed. You will need to manually remove them if you uninstall the plugin.

    Version 1.1.17 - Now uses a URL (if specified) to get IP otherwise it uses the device's network name. This should avoid having to edit HOSTS file. If a fixed IP address is specified in the INI file, then the device is automatically pinged otherwise you will need to set the PingDevice property to True. This version also adds ShowIP property that can be set to false within INI file to hide IP from web view.

    Use my ini file as an example to get started. I will eventually get to documenting it. Place the files in the appropriate HomeSeer folder as it is stored in the ZIP file.

    The plugin creates devices for your computers, routers, and internet connections. You need to specify the names of all the network devices on your network and then you tell the plugin how often to update. It will show an ON or and OFF status with user-specified terms (e.g., "online" or "offline"). It will optionally show IP address of the network device as well. Some icons for web are included.

    For those of you who like to script. The plugin can be accessed via hs.plugin("DooNetwork") and has a Version property and a NetworkDevices Property. The NetworkDevices Property is a collection of NetworkDeviceClass objects. The NetworkDeviceClass object has the following Methods & Properties:

    <LI>DeviceCode Property (string)
    <LI>Location Property (string)
    <LI>Name Property (string)
    <LI>DeviceType Property (string) &lt;- this is appended to device name and does NOT represent the HomeSeer device type field
    <LI>IP Property (string)
    <LI>OnString Property (string)
    <LI>OffString Property (string)
    <LI>OnImage Property (string)
    <LI>OffImage Property (string)
    <LI>OnStyle Property (string)
    <LI>OffStyle Property (string)
    <LI>TimerStyle Property (string)
    <LI>PingDevice Property (boolean)
    <LI>FixedIP Property (boolean)
    <LI>ShowIP Property (boolean)
    <LI>ShowTimer Property (boolean)
    <LI>SetStatus Method
    <LI>PingIt Method (boolean) &lt;- has optional ShowMessage parameter that will popup a messagebox with some ping info[/list]
    The NetworkDevices Property itself has an Update function that can cause network device status to be updated immediately rather than waiting on the timer to fire.

    Tips & Tricks

    Use hspi_doonetwork.gif so you can create a virtual device to display plugin version number using code similar to the following line in your startup.txt:

    <pre class="ip-ubbcode-code-pre">
    hs.SetDeviceStringByName " Computer DooNetwork Version", _
    "&lt;img src='images/hspi_doonetwork.gif' align=absmiddle&gt; " & hs.plugin("DooNetwork").version

    The discussion topic for the plugin is here.

    Jim Doolittle

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