Dan (xplosiv/Electron) has turned over maintaining his CNN Breaking News script to me. I've added a history list that's saved in the CNNSettings.ini and an add-on feature to trigger other events when an alert is detected. The purpose of this is to allow other notification methods without having to include them in this script. As an example of this add-on function I will be posting an add-on to send notification via the hspi_Message_Server which will also have a web page to browse the history list. Another add-on will send notification to the Audrey.

For add-on events triggered by detecting a new alert, the alert and timestamp of the alert can be retreived from the ini like this:
alert = hs.GetINISetting("CNNSettings","CurrentAlert","No Alert Found","CNNSettings.ini")
alerttime = hs.GetINISetting("CNNSettings","CurrentAlertTime",Now,"CNNSe ttings.ini")

I've also added routines to clear old alerts from the history and edit the ini settings. See the instructions at the beginning of the script.


Upate 11/10/2004: CNN changed. Updated to new URL. (Version 2.5)
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