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[script][asp] CNN News Alerts via hspi_Message Server

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    [script][asp] CNN News Alerts via hspi_Message Server

    This is an add-on package for CNN Breaking News (News Alerts). It is designed to be launched by the event trigger mechanism of version 2.3. It will send the Breaking News Alert via the hspi_Message_Server. You must be using the 2.1.8 client. It also contains an asp for browsing the alert history maintained by the Breaking News script.

    These instructions for installing are also included as a comment in the zip.

    1) install & setup custom_cnn.txt script
    2) copy this script to the homeseer\scripts directory
    3) copy MS_CNNAlert.asp and associated files to their own folder in the HomeSeer html folder
    (The above 2 steps can be done by unzipping the zip file in the HomeSeer folder and preserving the paths)
    4) create a new event, manually triggered to launch this script
    4a) select custom_cnn_notify_message_server.txt to run in the "Scripts/Speech" tab
    4b) if you wish to enable debugging, specify custom_cnn_notify_message_server.txt("main","debug") instead of just custom_cnn_notify_message_server.txt
    5) When the script is run it will prompt you for the custom variables that it stores in the INI
    6) create an event, manually triggered to edit ini configuration
    6a) select custom_cnn_notify_message_server.txt("GetIniValues","edit") to run in the "Scripts/Speech" tab
    7) Add event created in step 4 to the addon event trigger list. Do this by running the event created in step 6, running the edit ini event created for custom_cnn.txt, or by directly editing CNNSettings.ini with a text editor (not recommended)

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