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[script] Atomic Clock Sync

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    [script] Atomic Clock Sync

    This script will set your PC's time to the atomic clock/master clock/UTC time - whatever you might call it. Of course there are plenty of utils out there to do it...but when I started looking for one, I decided that I don't want another app running on my pc. So with the help of HomeSeer and the Windows Scripting Host, we have this little guy. I schedule it to run on a once a day event, but feel free to run it as often as possible.

    Additional: Figured I'd better say a few things. This will only work for the US time zones, because of the site it pulls from. Speaking of such, be sure and find your specific time zone; go to the site and select your timezone, then click "disable java". That's your URL; put it in the script.

    Technically speaking, I had to use the command interpreter to set the time, because there's no facility to do so in VBS. Why, I dunno. VB does it fine, and I thought a component to set system time was just too silly. Using the scripting host object to shell out was the cleanest kludge I could come up with. If you have a better idea, start a topic - I'm open!

    14-NOV-2002 - Script was failing on Win 9x. Seems that the old command interpreter doesn't accept AM/PM format, so I converted the time to 24 hr format. NT/W2k/XP accepts either format.

    Atomic clock discussion

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