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[Script] Poor Mans Weather Station

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    [Script] Poor Mans Weather Station

    Version 1.1 Updated to reflect changes in web page from AWS.

    Version 1.0
    This script will create the following 23 devices to track the weather.

    Current temp
    Today's low temp
    Today's high temp
    Current humidity
    Today's low humidity
    Today's high
    Current Pressure
    Today's low Pressure
    Today's high Pressure
    Temperature feels like
    Dew Point
    Wet Bulb
    Wind Speed
    Wind Direction
    Yesterday's Low
    Yesterday's High
    Today's Rain
    Today & Yesterday's Rain
    Last 7 Day Rain
    Month to date rain
    Last 30 Day Rain
    Report Time & Report Date
    Is It Raining?

    It uses data from AWS, a network of weather stations at schools and businesses that are connected “live” to the internet. Hopefully they have a station near your home.

    I started this just to get a value for today and yesterday’s rain, so I would know not to run my sprinkler system @ 3:00am if it had rained yesterday or today, and I didn’t want to fork out a couple of hundred bucks for a weather station.

    This is my first attempt at posting a script, so please be kind. I want to thank everyone who posts scripts and answers newbie questions, because I sure read a lot of them.

    Setup instructions are at the beginning of the script.


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    PM Weather

    This has been a great script and has served well for years. However, it recently stopped working. Has anyone updated or fixed it?