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[UK] [Script][ASP] UK Soaps

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    [UK] [Script][ASP] UK Soaps

    This is work in progress
    Discussion is here:-

    While this is not strictly HA it is designed to increase the WAF factor and encourage her to use the system (!)

    This small package is based on screen scrapes from the BBC website, its continued correct operation is based on their web site not changing

    For each soap, there is:-

    1) a script to gather the data, process it, and deposit it in a file in /config
    2) an asp to display the captured data

    + some graphics in /html/soaps

    also required to be created are

    a) an event to run the script once per day, probably early morning
    b) a virtual status only device to show the last update time and provide a link to the asp
    (Please check each script for the device I have set and modify as required)

    In each case the capturing of the data is a separate, scheduled, activity so that the data is collected once per day and when it is displayed on the local machines with the ASP the data is coming from the Homeseer server not the BBC

    So far I have completed:-
    The Archers
    Coronation Street

    The Archers ASP includes a link to allow you to listen to the latest episode
    but you will need Real one player to hear this. You can get it from:-

    and then install it on each of the Homeseer client machines

    Please use the "Use Folder names" option when extracting the files

    Any comments (or contributions) are most welcomed


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