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[Script][asp] Reminders... from email messages

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    [Script][asp] Reminders... from email messages


    To do:
    <LI>Put DoReminder.txt and InBoundMail.txt in your scripts directory.
    <LI>Make sure HomeSeer is setup to periodically check email (mine is every 10 minutes)
    <LI>Add a new event, the trigger is Type: Email Trigger
    I check for all address as I am not concerned with security as my email address is obscure and only used for my HS server.
    If you want security you can add multiple check events one for each accepted email address.
    <LI>Add the following line to the scripts tab: InBoundMail.txt
    Then whenever an email is received it will run the InBoundMail.txt file.
    <LI>You will need to edit/modify both scripts for your variable names and user names.

    <LI>Add another event that checks for any new reminders, you will need one per person.
    I check once every 10 minutes when we are home, referenced to the hour
    Put the following code in the script box: DoReminder.txt("Main","Scott|15")
    This will check for any reminders due for Scott in the next 15 minutes.
    Play with the timing of the event and the passed time (15) parameter to get the reminders to your liking.
    I actually trigger my events referenced to the hour and I will hear each reminder twice, once before the time and the second exactly when it it due.[/list]
    I also check my reminders when I arrive home and use a larger 420 minute window, then I know what is due that night.

    Let me know what you think. I know it is a bit rough and not very well documented, but I am using it and my wife loves it. Especially since she can have the computer tell me what to do!


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