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[Script][asp] Simple Music Script, One button On/off/selection

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    [Script][asp] Simple Music Script, One button On/off/selection

    I just wrote this real quick as I didn't want/need all the functionality of all the current plug-ins, and I don't have the luxury of a touch screen. I.E. I wanted max functionality from a single button.

    All you need is a single X10 command, this single command will toggle between On/off and let you select your playlists.

    I have only tested this with Windows Media Player, but it should work with others with only a quick couple of changes.

    What you will need to do is create a virtual device, I call mine 'Music Playing' This device will be on if music is play and off otherwise. It's status will be set to the playlist name when playing.

    You will also need an event triggered by X10. I use a small keychain remote A2-OFF. In this event call the script Music.txt. Please make sure this event can trigger more than once per minute.

    You then need to edit the Music.txt file to point to your playlists, also add your virtual device code and the button code.

    Push the button, it should say your each playlist name for each button press, when you hear the one you want wait and it will start. If your music is currently playing and you press the button the music will stop.

    Give it a try...



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