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[ASP] Simple Document Library

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    [ASP] Simple Document Library

    I wanted to have a simple way of calling up documents relating to HA,
    These are mainly PDF instruction manuals, and I wanted not to have to code anything.

    So by cobbling together some sample code from the net and some bits from other scripts
    on this board I have created this.

    What you end up with is a list of document files on a web page, with an optional description,
    which when you click on them opens the document in a new window

    Create a directory below html called Library
    Drop all your manuals and documents into it
    In \config, optionaly create a file called Library.ini with entries
    for each filename and a description of the file, eg
    hsmanual_16.pdf,Homeseer Manual

    (If you dont create the library.ini, you just get a list of files)

    Thats it

    Please post any enhancements or comments here

    I am particularly interested if someone can suggest how to do this
    for a directory structure below /library

    3 Jan - Updated to include check for Guest User
    (Comment this out if you want) Thanks Jon00

    28 Jan - Updated, now includes links at top and bottom of the page to goto the bottom or top and can now handle multi line descriptions, although the description has to be a single line in the ini file

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