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[Script][Asp] Script to Map a PalmPad to multiple other house code devices.

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    [Script][Asp] Script to Map a PalmPad to multiple other house code devices.

    I wrote this simple script as I wanted to use my PalmPad to control multiple devices across different house codes, I also didn't want to create a single new event for each.

    <LI>Set your PalmPad to an unused house code. (Overlaps will transmit the same command over and start a loop condition)

    <LI>Create a single new event that will trigger on any X10 command from the PalmPads house code. Set it to run this PalmPad.txt script.

    <LI>Edit the PalmPad.txt script:

    <LI> Edit this line to your new PalmPad house code: (Mine is P)
    Const PalmX10 = "P1,P2,P3,P4,P5,P6,P7,P8,P9,P10,P11,P12,P13,P14,P15,P16"
    <LI> Replace the devices you want controlled on this line:
    Const NewX10 = "L16,L1,L9,L15,L10,L3,L11,L13,L8,A1,B2,M16,P17,P17,K2,K1 "[/list]

    Each command received from the first Const statement will be replaced by the corresponding command in the send and resent.

    I just needed something simple and quick, didn't want to create a ton of new events and so far this has been working great for me. I hope it will help someone else.

    Currently this only sends X10 commands, but with a couple simple modifications you could have it hs.setdevicestatus or TriggerEvents directly without X10.
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