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[ASP]{Script] HS Updates & Release Notes Package

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    [ASP]{Script] HS Updates & Release Notes Package

    [ASP]HS Update News and Release Notes
    Kevin (kev_t)

    Discussion Topic is here

    Version details
    v1.0 1 feb 2004
    v1.0.2 feb 2004 modified to ftp the notices from the Homeseer FTP site

    and extract he required file from the zip

    The Updates News and Release Notes For Homeseer and Homeseer Phone are

    not readily available from the HS Web server
    (They are available I think as part of some of the Updater Web Pages and

    also from the Homeseer GUI on the server itself but only update when the

    updater is run)

    This set of ASP's allows the update news and release notes to be

    available either in total or in sections inside the homeser Web

    interface as follows:
    Asp name - Wrapper ASP - Processing ASP

    Whole Release Notes - release_notes.asp - rel_note.asp
    Homeseer News - update_news.asp - u_news.asp
    Homseer Release Notes - release_notes_HS.asp - rel_note_hs.asp
    Homeseer News & Release Notes - news_rel_notes.asp - n_rnote.asp
    Homeseer Phone Release Notes - release_notes_HSP.asp - rel_note_hsp.asp[/list]
    The one I wanted in particular was the Homeseer News and Release notes,

    ie excluding HSPhone, which I don't have.

    (Roughly) How it works
    ---------------------- is downloaded from the HST ftp site (Thanks Joe) and

    unzipped by the script Get_Notices.txt

    This script needs an event creating which runs once a day, probably

    early in the morning

    When you call one of the Wrapper ASP's, it calls the relevant processing

    The processing ASP's parse the file notices.htm which is located in the

    \Homeseer\Updates directory to produce the desired result

    Credit Where credit is due
    Get_Notices.txt uses a dll to unzip notices.htm from the downloaded

    file. This dll is sourced from and is included in my zip

    I used a couple of snippets from Jeff Farmers Updater script as my

    starting point

    These ASP's are dependant on Jeff Farmers Includes package which is

    available from the Updater

    To install, unzip the files above into the \Homeseer\HTML directory and

    the Gifs into the \Homeseer\html\images directory. the dll goes into the

    homeseer directory.

    The dll must be registered, eg for windows 98 :-
    regsvr32 c:\progra~1\homeseer\zipcom.dll
    Your system may be different

    Choose one (or more) of the pages from the list above and add them to

    your links.htm or menu system. Alternatively you can get them directly

    by typing the wrapper asp name into the address bar, eg


    General Notes
    Note 1
    The parsing of the script depends on HST not changing the colours (Note

    UK English spelling!) it uses in notices.htm

    Note 2
    HST supply a zip10.dll with the updater, but I have been unable to get

    it to work from a script. If anyone can tell me how, I would prefer to

    use that instead



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