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[ASP] HVAC Control for PocketPC

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    [ASP] HVAC Control for PocketPC

    I created this simple asp that sits nicely in PocketIE for those with a wireless card in their PocketPC.
    The script allows you to set the hvac to on (heat), off or auto.
    You can set the temp to 60-71 and it also displays the current temp and the set temp.
    There are no Cool controls and you cannot set <60 or >71 - I didn't need that functionality as I have no AC and I live in Seattle :-)
    I cannot set my Fan on without having the Heat on so there are also no Fan controls.
    You could mod it though.
    To install unzip to html directory (keeping foldernames) then hit http://yourhomeseerserver/hvac.asp
    The discussion for this script is located at:

    The code contains a sub from the rover.asp script - kudos to rover

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