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[VBSCRIPT] Simple RS-232 TR40 Heat Control Script

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    [VBSCRIPT] Simple RS-232 TR40 Heat Control Script

    Put this script in your HomeSeer/scripts directory. Do not change its name unless you know what you are doing.

    Edit the script to match your system
    ---COM PORT
    ---Address of your TR40 (Usually leave set at 1)
    ---Limits of the set points that can be requested
    ---Debugging (or logging) on/off

    When calling this script, it will:
    Check to see if that ComPort is already running
    (A problem usually only if you have Hyper Terminal running)

    Check to see if the set point you requested
    is in your preset range.

    Request a feedback and then it will log the feedback
    if debugging is turned on.


    Call this script from an event's script tab. To set the heat to 70 degrees F, enter it like this:

    &hs.RunEx "TR40 Control.txt","SetHeat",70

    As time allows, I will add more such as verification the requested setpoint and mode actually was validated by the feedback and retries, but don't hold your breath.

    More documentation is in the script.

    Use at your own risk.

    Regards, Bill

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    3 Fujitsu 510 Touch Pads / Way2Call Hi-Phone USB / ATTNV Crystal 16
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