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Weather Display Page [Stand alone ASP]

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    Weather Display Page [Stand alone ASP]

    First off thanks to C. Castillo for the code that so perfectly parses the information from

    This is a simple "All in one" weather display page. It is designed for a 640x480 screen (The Audrey for example )

    It displays:
    - Current Conditions
    - Current radar image
    - Current moonphase and state
    - The extended 5 day forecast
    - The screen(s) automatically update every 3 minutes

    The radar image in the center is a clickable that will take you to a full screen radar image. Clicking on that radar image will return you to the Current conditions page.

    04/04/04 Version 1.0 First Release

    04/10/04 V 1.1 Added 800x600 display, and a 2nd page full screen radar image by clicking on the small radar image

    Weather Display Page Discussion & Installation Instructions

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    Created with LCARS