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    [Javascript] SwitchLinc

    SwitchLinc, from SmartHome, is (IMHO) the best X10/PLC switch on the market. I have dozens of 2380 and 2384 switches installed throughout my house.

    This script allows you to perform special programming on a SwitchLinc from HomeSeer. In particular, you can set the preset on level and the ramprate of any individual switch.

    I use this, for example, in my 2-month old daughter's room. At sunset, HomeSeer runs the script to set the preset on level to 6% (first dim bar) so that when me or my wife goes into the room and turns on the light, it stays nice and dim. At dawn, the switch is returned to its normal 100% on level.

    Hope this is useful for others as well.



    P.S. there appears to be a bug in HomeSeer, so when you do the arguments for the script, do this:

    switchlinc.js("setPresetOn","Sarah's Room Lights|100")

    If you put a space after the comma, you may find that the script can't find the named device.

    Revision History
    04/11/2004 - 1.0 - Original Release
    05/16/2004 - 1.1 - Minor update to correct a bug that caused improper dim level restore after setPresetOn().
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