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Yet another IP poster Via FTP & Email [VB Script]

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    Yet another IP poster Via FTP & Email [VB Script]

    I have tried just about all of the FTP and email address scripts on the message board and could never get any of them to function the way that I wanted them to. Thats why I wrote this script It is a very simple script that will go to and store your current WAN address in a device of your choosing. This is great as it will go out past a router, DSL modem or cable modem and get your Internet IP address. Set up an event to run this script at an interval of your choice, I set mine to check every 20 minutes. It will then check your IP address and compare it against the value stored in the device you set up. If it has changed, it will FTP a small .htm page with your IP address to a server of your choice, and email as many email addresses your new IP address as well. If it has not changed, it will just compare the IP addresses and write to the log file that your IP address is unchanged.

    If you want just email OR FTP information sent, simply rem out the line for the service that you do not want. Instructions are located at the top of the script. But its pretty simple, create a device, and create an event to trigger the script at a given interval. Thats it!

    FINAL NOTE: Don't forget to change the port # that you have HomeSeer's web server running on in the FTP and email sections

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