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[Script] [ASP] Whois visiting my webserver V2

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    [Script] [ASP] Whois visiting my webserver V2

    Updated version of my Whois script & ASP. Original versions with descriptions available here and here

    To try and reduce the load on Homeseer, the package has now been split in to 2 scripts:

    Script 1 parses the Homeseer log for IP addresses with guest, failed & authorized logins. This is then saved to a log file.

    Script 2 parses the new log file and checks the IP addresses against several Whios servers including ARIN, RIPE & APNIC. Details such as the Name, Address, City,Country etc are obtained and stored in a new CSV file.

    This script will also update 3 virtual devices of the last visitor to have guest, authorized or failed login attampt.

    Subsequent running of both scripts will only update the log file when new entries appear in the Homeseer log.

    Full viewing to the CSV file is available via the ASP supplied with this script.

    This will show the following info:

    IP Address
    Login type (Guest,failed or Authorized)
    Number of visits of the IP address
    Whois Name
    Whois ID
    Whois Address 1
    Whois Address 2
    Whois Address 3
    Whois State/Province
    Whois Postcode/Zipcode
    Whois Country

    Improvements from version 1

    Better IP lookup, which can drill down within the ARIN database to obtain information not previously available.
    Some re-direction to the correct Whois database.
    Works with all versions of Homeseer (including V1.7)
    Slightly less load on Homeseer.
    Can be set to ignore the same IP address with multiple entries within the Homeseer log.
    ASP can be fully customised from the ini file including:

    Choice of columns to be displayed.
    Truncation of data to reduce column width.
    Allow guests to view any combination of guest, failed or authorized logins.

    May still be a few bugs so let me know!

    Discussion here.

    As the C2GWhois Com object is too large to post, you will need to download it from my site.

    <span class="ev_code_RED">Update - May 2nd 2004</span>

    Version 2.11 now posted which adds a new column on the whois.asp with the user accessing the site (if available). A couple of bugs also corrected.

    Downloads: 17 (V2.0)
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