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[Script] VFD_Pole Customer Display Pole

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    [Script] VFD_Pole Customer Display Pole

    Here is is a simple script designed to interface a Customer Pole display from an EPOS system with


    The Pole Display has a built in Serial interface and supports a number of protocols. This script uses

    the ESC/POS protocol since this seems to be a standard

    The display itself is a 2 line by 20 character VFD and is large enough to be read from a distance

    These displays can be had new for 50 UK pounds or less on ebay, they retail in the couple of


    This script in itself does very little other than pass data from another script to the display. In my

    case I call it from my Caller ID script, so that the top line displays the caller name and the bottom

    line the number.

    It is the responsibility of the calling script to format the script, eg to centre it and an example

    from the caller ID script is in the ZIP file and the Docs directory when unzipped

    To maximise flexibility this script gets called twice, once for the bottom line and once for the top

    For installation instructions see vfd_pole install.txt in the install directory

    A picture of it "in action" is in the zip file and the discussion topic

    (From the readme in the zip file)

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